Wednesday, May 26, 2021

As we celebrate Black History Month, let us recall when Pharaoh let the children of Israel go. Things transpired. Pharaoh went after the children of Israel like most oppressors do when they desire to remain in a position to control the oppressed. The minds of the children of Israel wanted to revert back to the same oppressor who had seized their life. As I look at where we are now in our society, I see the same tactic being imposed. The modern day Pharaoh does not want to lose control; those captured are beneficial to him. The oppressed build his palaces, work for free, make his economy prosper while they themselves experience poverty. The oppressed are tortured, abused, murdered, and raped with no rights or say so. They socially engineer the oppressed; causing them to turn on each other.

Who is the modern day Pharaoh? The criminal justice system, those in political power, and systemic procedures created to control the weak, the poor, and the impoverished. Yet they ask “Is racism still here?” Indeed it is! Those who ask such a nonsensical question represent those who rape and abuse women, then threaten them to keep quiet.

Should the abused be quite? African-Americans have been raped, abused, and molested. These vile atrocities occur at the hands of a system that uses its weight to take the dignity, innocence, and spirit of God's people. It never departed! it took on a new identity; disguising its true intent and purpose. It disguises itself in the following terms: “I'm not racist”, “I'm not responsible for racism”, “I love everybody”, “I have black friends”, etc.  Pharaoh is really a coward who hides behind military might and laws. So why do the oppressed return to the oppressor? The saying is true! Oppressing the righteous makes it easier to bribe them!!

Have the oppressed taken the bait of the oppressor? Here is the bait! “You can never make it without me”; “You will always return due to the oppressor having the resources and revenue”. The oppressor has manipulated the oppressed into thinking they can't do anything for themselves. When will the oppressed wake up and detach themselves from the habits, custom, mannerisms, culture, and traits of the oppressor?

Some ask the question, “Why is there a need for Black History Month?” Because the contributions made by African-Americans in the development, advancement, and sustainment of not only our country but our world should and must be celebrated. If African-Americans are really lazy, as it has been noted, our world today would not be in existence. I pray that this new generation of  African-Americans will embrace the torch and run as catalyst for change. With a plethora of injustice and inequality still prevalent in society today, who will go to Pharaoh and speak truth to power?

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Do All Lives Really Matter?

Do All Lives Really Matter?

Yes! To God all lives matter! Unfortunately, in the society in which we live, this is not so. In the past couple of weeks we have seen three significant situations that debunk the false narrative of 'all lives matter'.

First, the case involving Brook Turner, the Stanford University rapist who was accused and found guilty. His father and his probation officer suggested that prison would damage the accused. Judge Aaron Persky imposed the six month sentence. Although years earlier, Brain Banks was sentenced to 5yrs on an accusation of rape which cost him his NFL career and added humiliation. Did his life matter?

The second incident involves the gorilla. A four year old toddler falls into the gorilla cage and is dragged by the gorilla. Outrage sparked all over the world calling for negligence charges against his father. The father gets dragged through the mud to the degree that his prior criminal record is revealed as if that contributed to his son falling into cage.

Third, a two year old is snatched by an alligator resulting in him being killed. We see no outrage and no demand for charges to be filed, even though signs were posted saying 'no swimming'.

Is it really 'all lives' or just 'selected lives'? Has our system been programmed to see minorities as minor and the majorities as major? Before we echo the sentiment that 'all lives matter' in this world, search the facts.

During Muhammad Ali's funeral, Rabbi Michael Lerner confronted this notion. He stated that we must speak truth to power, telling politicians let African Americans out of prison that had been arrested and sentenced by racist police officers and judges. Black lives are imprisoned for possessing marijuana. Whites have marijuana all the time and are hardly ever punished. If all lives matter, America would become inundated with diversity, Inclusivity, equality and justice. Lives do not matter to those who bear the nature of Satan!! His nature is to kill, steal, and destroy.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

God's World

Let me sit this right here, the world including America is the sole proprietor of God. Nobody, and I mean nobody, is intitled to demand anyway to leave! To those who supports this type of vitriolic bigotry must remember where they and thier ancestors came from. None of us are a native from anywhere! "Land was taken, lives was traumatize and liberty was terrorized". So when trying to relegate a certain people, remember what you and your origin is. This arrogance that has been exhibited by a culture who promoted itself as superior, like an infection has spreaded to the core of this nation! We are uniquely faceted by God in different ethnicities, genders, races and cultures. This speaks of God's desire to diversify His world!

We can disagree with the policies of a country without hating it. Hear me as a Prophet, if repentance, reform and renewal does not occur in this world we will see a major racial confrontation like none before. As a Prophet, I see the sword coming, its my assignment to sound the alarm and declare God's word.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Audacity Of God

Who is this God that can see beyond the scope of man? It is baffling to consider the mind of the Creator of the universe; His ways are beyond the comprehension of man. As He has expressed, His ways are not like man's ways and His thoughts are not like man's thoughts. This expression is evident in the countless lives of those who  succumb to public scrutiny. Note, the audacity is explored when you rationalize how God deems an individual His chosen vessel. Chosen vessels are buried beneath the crevice of degradation and despair! This God specializes in dropping charges and dismissing evidence that was brought up against us. Such was the case with Saul. In the court of public opinion, the rumors and reputation that preceded Saul portrayed him as an unlikely candidate. But God considered him as the right candidate for transformation, even though, to the people he was the wrong nominee. God's truth of you will override the truth people know about you.

The question that messed up people have is this: “when what you heard is true, do you have what it takes to transform me?”

God is repairing ruined reputations. It is always ruthless people that will ruin the reputation of good people.
When reputations are ruined the influence of that individual is impaired. There is often a conflict between God's choice and the people's choice. People tend to choose based on merit, prestige, status and social standing. God chooses based on the heart of a person! The spectator often wonders about God's methodology towards flawed people. The gospel is showcase in man's defectiveness. What is the gospel? The gospel is the act of God's redemption. It speaks volumes about change, forgiveness and restoration. So yes, God has the audacity to invest in what looks valueless to display His works in the lives of people. God takes chances with flawd people because His grace is sufficient. As we obtain the mind of Christ we will see, act and think like Christ. As it is stated "Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled." (Titus 1:15)

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Where are Black Father's?

I like, an untold amount, am an eyewitness to the venom regarding black fathers not being in the home. Until I began to research this epidemic, I assumed all black fathers was either lazy or feared responsibility as fathers. This, I discovered, is so far from the truth! The attack focuses more on the microcosm of this rather than focusing on the macrocosm of what has now become a pandemic. If we are going to investigate this occurrence, we must be prepared to find the truth. The truth is, before my ancestors were stolen from their land by savage beast, they operated in a cohesive family unit. Barbarically, my ancestors were stripped of their dignity and value; brought to this land with the intent to permanently be slaves to those who used religion to justify their evil and wicked nature. As slaves, we were victimized, dehumanized and demonized. Like a rapist, they forced themselves on us; impregnating us with a doctrine of white supremacy. As slaves, men were treated like filth before their wives and mothers and children. Our woman were raped and abused. Our men couldn't rescue their woman for fear of being killed. This brought a separation into our family; psychologically traumatizing our people. The temerity of those who  contracts convent amnesia for their own benefit.

Slavery was allowed to be reinvented in a new form. This new form of racism is disguised under black robes, police badges, voter suppression, systematic mass incarceration and felonies. These are some of the reasons the black father's are not in the home. A major percent of our black men are either locked up or caught in the web of the criminal justice system. What do we say to the black fathers who spent an astronomical amount of time incarcerated due to being framed, lies and corruption? Do we attack them for not being in the home? Or do we attack the system that is responsible for this. Some circumstances will prohibit the father from being in the home, yet some father's are in the life of the child.

These are just a few facts to show why a percentage of fathers are not in the homes. To those who argue that the absence of black father's is to blame for their criminal behavior, would you argue that white children could be serial killers and mass murderers because they were in the home of father's that allowed them to witness lynchings, rapes, murders and abuse of African Americans. When having an issue with absent fathers, ask yourself are you going to take a stand against the systems that are preventing them from being in the home. Present or absent fathers will not stop children from turning astray. It's easy to see the symptoms, but can you resolve the illness?

Monday, June 18, 2018

: ‘Exposing the Plot of Genocide’

God gave me a message as we celebrated Fathers entitled: ‘Exposing the Plot of Genocide’. In this message, God highlighted that men are targeted due to being a threat to the kingdom of darkness. Men in our society are chemicalized, feminized and criminalized. This is a tactic used by the enemy to triumph over God's creation.
We have so many men, like the New Testament Saul, who are lost yet they are chosen vessels. Chosen vessels are buried beneath the crevice of degradation and despair. Genocide is an attempt to halt a promised prophecy. This prophecy is mentioned in Acts 2:17 and states, "And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams."
Give me a person that has dreams and vision embedded in them and I will show you a person that cannot be stopped.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

"Unshackling Panhandlers"

Panhandlers have flooded the streets of American cities. These cities range from rural to urban. 564,708 people in the U.S. are homeless. According to a one night national survey conducted January 2017, over half a million people were living on the street, in cars, in homeless shelters or in subsidized transitional housing. Since we are required by Jesus to feed them, should we only feed them naturally or should we feed them with the knowledge necessary to provide for themselves? Was it Jesus’ intention that we permanently care for them? I believe Jesus would want us to first discover if they want to be made whole.

There are some panhandlers who exploit the church for their on personal advancement. This advancement will sometimes feed a habit and work on the mind of vulnerable people. Most panhandlers do not desire to work or they use God for their convenience. This is a crisis that both the church and community must engage. Peter, in Acts chapter three, faced this same dilemma. A panhandler presented himself to Peter as he was leaving church and as usual, asked for a handout. He asked for just enough to get by.

Most panhandlers only want enough to get by. This mentality will contribute to that person remaining in the cycle of poverty and begging. Peter informed the man, “silver and gold have I none”( Acts 3:6). Peter could have provided what the man was requesting. However, the principal was that the panhandler didn't need it. Peter says to the man, “such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk” (Acts 3:6). A revolutionist was on the apex of birthing through this act of transformation. Peter unshackled the panhandler resulting in a constant cycle being terminated. Like Peter, our focus should be on unshackling panhandlers. The misconception that the church doesn't help the homeless must be dispelled. Most small churches do not have the resources to help. Churches play a vital role in the lives of people and that role should be to educate, empower and enlighten.

In most communities barriers are erected making it impossible for the church to assist. Pastors around the country are being arrested because of this matter. In Florida, a homeless advocate by the name of Arnold Abbot and ministers Dwayne Black and Mark Sims, were arrested as they handed out food to homeless people in a Fort Lauderdale park. This is one of many episodes of modern day church abuse and persecution. The charge of “failing to assist” has been leveled against the church and its leaders. This charge has caused the church and its leaders to suffer under a false pretense by those who are the enemies of Christ. Most people have no idea what the church does for its people.

If leaders would disclose certain aspects of what they do, critics would have a better understanding. The church has not always done everything right. Yet the foundation of the church is legitimate and authentic. I call on the defenders of the faith to refute through truth every false narrative that is causing the church to be defaced and debased. Unlike others, I applauded the actions of President George W. Bush who established the Faith-Based Initiative. It is the faith-based community that is in the trenches. We are on the front lines. We are the boots on the ground reviving, restoring and resuscitating.

New York Mayor, Bill De Blasio, said on a radio show that he would like to ban panhandling but would not try because the courts would not allow it. Many panhandlers "are not particularly in need and just are finding a way to get some easy money and that does frustrate me,” he said. These are also my sentiments. I have watched panhandlers beg for money and use that money to purchase beer, cigarettes, drugs or engage in prostitution. Is the church contributing to this deficit? Absolutely not! The best position for the church is to teach them how to fish so they will never be hungry again. Bishop T. D. Jakes once stated, "If you take the gross national income of all the churches in America; if we didn't pay the mortgage, if we didn't pay the staff, if we didn't pay the light bill and took all of our money and gave it all away to the poor and become homeless to feed them, we still don't have the money.” Bishop Jakes was highlighting the role of the church and the government to care for the needy. The church cannot lose its compassion. Compassion is the core of our Christian values. Aa highlighted in 1 John 3:17, “If someone has enough money to live well and sees a brother or sister in need but shows no compassion--how can God's love be in that person?” (NLT)